Monday, November 19, 2012

Veggie Sushi

I've got some extra time on my hands right now so I figured, awww hell, why not start a third blog- how dorky, right? Mmhmm. I've been cooking more than normal lately and having fun with it, so thought maybe I could be one of these people who takes photos of their food. And stuff. ...which, honestly, I always thought was kind of weird, but alas, maybe now I understand.
So, I made some veggie sushi last week, full of spicy baked tofu, carrots, avocado (gotta have avocado), green onions, and sauteed zucchini. Don't forget the gomasio and jasmine tea. I hadn't made sushi in a really long time, which is ridiculous, because I actually really like making it and can eat pounds and pounds of veggie sushi. It might even be a problem, I dunno.  
Also noteworthy: the entire time I was making this, I was watching the Panda Cam - if you're ever having a bad day, this is the cure. 

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