Monday, February 3, 2014

The little house is kind of falling apart but it's got lots of character, no denying that. This time last year someone came and annihilated ALL of those plants and bushes around the house. AH!  Terribly. I actually cried. Luckily we were gone for the spring and summer so they sort of grew back, a little bit. But all of February it was all barren and depressing, with no privacy. Manicured lawns are really overrated. And the guy who went scissors happy with my poor plants better stay far away this year!


  1. I really, really love that house. It's so cottage-y. :3 You're renting it, right? I can't believe someone cut all of the plants down. :/

    1. Yup yup, it's pretty cute! Luckily the plants grew back pretty much (though not quite in all that glory). It was so ugly when it was naked!