Thursday, November 22, 2012

Green Stuff

Broccoli! Planted it a couple months ago (it's in one of the clay pots in the second photo) and it's actually flowering, yeehaw! Really pretty happy about this because I had my doubts. The brussel sprouts are still hanging in there and the plant looks healthy but it's not doing anything too exciting. The lettuce is still thriving nicely. Replanted a couple of them in the ground and they are looking better already. 
Everything else (succulents in tiny gourds and cacti, mainly) is doing well. My prickly pear sprouted another hand a couple months ago and it got out of control rather quickly. I should take an updated photo- it's much bigger than the main guy now.
I'm going to plant some chives and parsley today I think, and I've got some snow peas, cabbage and more greens I want to try too. Luckily we don't get many freezes here and stuff grows pretty easily most of the year. Our World Tuesday
(I'm very attached to my itty bitty cactus garden)


  1. Looks like you are enjoying a few successes in pots! GREAT! I have never thought of growing broccoli in a pot...but what a fascinating idea!

  2. I always think it is exciting when you grow something yourself.

  3. I like the succulents! Congrats on your broccoli, it feels good to grow you own Veggies.

  4. i didn't know broccoli can grow in a pot.:p
    i love cactus--i've been wanting to cultivate them but my mom is superstitious and doesn't want cactus in the house.:p

  5. Nice pictures you show.
    I saw you up at Joyful - read on your profile that you also kayaking, an interest that I / we have.
    Wish you a good day :)
    Hanne Bente -